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Stop - Check Your Brakes
over 1 year ago

An efficient ride is always taken for granted till the time we face some technical problems. Dents, cracks in side mirror, rusty body and such do not create as much risk as the problems in braking system. Single unexpected brake problem and you risk your and others life on the road. Apart from getting your system checked on a regular interval, noticing these also call for immediate attention.

Contaminated Fuel
If the brake fuel looks extremely dark, probably it has been contaminated. Sometimes, pedals also get spongy which indicates that system needs attention. Spongy pedals can be caused by air in the fuel line. Most of the manufacturers use DOT 3 and DOT 4 type brake fluids which are glycol based and they absorb the moisture from atmosphere. For these fuel types, the boiling point decreases after moisture gets mixed. If water is around 3%, it is highly possible that the brake lines will explode. This is not just expensive to repair but also is a dangerous situation.

Low Fluid
Identifying the low quantity of fluid is easy but the problems caused by it have hard effect. The fuel reservoir can be checked if it exists in sufficient quantity and level. If not, low break pressure is the best signal for low fluid in the reservoir Car Diagnostic Tool. Next, when you have to push your pedal to the floor, it is time to check the low fuel level, or faults in the master cylinder. If the brake pads are not worn out, it is normal to have low brake fluid level. After identifying low fuel level, take your vehicle immediately to an experienced auto repair technician to avoid further damage.

Brake Pads
Checking the brake pads is not as difficult as it may seem. If you regularly clean your car, you can notice the dirt on your front wheels. Those are from the brake pad. The pads are meant to create friction to slow or stop the vehicle. If you get a squeaking sound, it can be the time to replace your brake pads. These can be felt without removing the tires and if they have reduced in thickness causing annoying sound while applying the brakes, you should take your vehicle to a reliable mechanic to change them.

Fluid Leakage
Leakage of brake fuel requires urgent attention after diagnosis. When DOT 3 & 4 type fuels are exposed in the atmosphere, they absorb moisture to become acidic. This causes corrosion on the parts Launch CReader 9081. Rubber parts that are exposed to leaked brake fuel tend to swell or become soft.

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